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Why Choose Organic Hair Color

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Hint: Lessen Your Cancer Risks

I was using traditional dyes until 10 years ago when I discovered professional organic dyes.

After extensive research in hair color, I chose to switch to organic color because it is the best for

my clients’ health, the planet’s health and my own health! Each hair color I do is followed up

with a PH balancing mask to lock in the hair color helping to create more shine than traditional

hair color. I use three different natural and organic color lines. I am trained as an educator in

one of the organic lines, and I am adept at traditional lines too. Overall, I am well versed in this

field with over 30 years’ experience as a color specialist.

Why is organic hair color so important to use?

Great question. For me it’s because my father’s entire family died of environmental cancers.

Some at a very young age. The pain of losing my family members has made me hyper-focused

on preventative steps to not get cancer. Here are more reasons and some solutions for staying


Have you heard about people getting cancer from hair dyes? I have and it’s frightening how it

can affect my colleagues and friends in the industry, as well as all of us.

According to the National Cancer Institute (NCI), in the mid-1970s hair dye manufacturers

reduced the amount of carcinogenic ingredients in permanent hair dyes, which make up about

80% of the hair dye products currently marketed. There are three types of hair dye: permanent,

semi-permanent and temporary. Permanent dye has to do with adding developer to the dye so

it becomes permanent, and we call this oxidative dye. The permanent dye is the one that 80%

of woman in America and Europe use to cover grey hair, and it has the highest amount of


Today, there is evidence professional hairdressers have higher exposures to potentially harmful

chemicals – more so than personal users or people who dye their hair at home. While there is

no hard evidence that hair dye causes cancer, the NCI noted “Those who have been

hairdressers for at least 10 years were nearly twice as likely to develop bladder cancer as those

who have never worked as a hairdresser.” Just as alarming is people who dye their own hair at

home have a higher breast cancer risk than professional hairdressers.

That home box dye from what I have read and understand has the highest levels of a chemical

called PPD (paraphenylenediamine), which is a known irritant and allergen. A lot of companies

are marketing that they have no PPD in their color lines. However, alternatively they have PTD

(Para Toluene Diamine), and the PTD molecule is smaller and some scientists believe more

dangerous for our systems.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to tell what hair dyes are totally safe. There are known cancer

causing ingredients in organic hair color too. The organic companies just use way less of it. It is

important to know that propylene glycol, ammonia and phthalates – chemicals that cause

harmful side effects in large doses – are not in organic hair dye. Natural companies use way

more organic plant ingredients, so the whole hair coloring experience is much healthier for your


Also, it’s common for people to become allergic to hair dye. I have several clients who are, and

it is not fun. I believe the more you use high levels of PPT or PTD, you increase your odds of

becoming allergic to them. I have many solutions to avoid allergies and treat them if you should

unfortunately become allergic.

To avoid high levels of chemicals, I recommend the following solutions:

1. Use organic or natural hair dyes.

2. Use lighter dyes as they contain the least amount of PPT and PTD.

3. Do high or low lights instead of putting dye directly on the scalp as it gets absorbed

into the blood stream.

4. If you use box dye at home, stop using regular brands and go to your local Whole

Foods and get an organic hair color. I have done my own hair and tried two brands at

Whole Foods that I would recommend: Tints of Nature and Naturtint. I cannot help

with formulations, but the salespeople at Whole Foods will be willing to help, I am


The myths about organic color is it does not work. This is so not true! I would not be as busy as I

am at my salon if this was true. I have been using organic hair color for 10 years. I don’t have

one review saying it doesn’t work. It may take a little bit lighter on white hair but it will go a

little darker and make a difference. Organic hair color is way less damaging to your hair and

fades less if you use PH balanced products. People report their hair being extremely shiny as a

result of this!

The truth is we need to reduce the amount of chemicals we take in to let our bodies work their

best! Also, organic or natural hair color is way better for the planet. Less harsh chemicals

running into our drains is better for the planet, and as an integral business owner this is

extremely important to me!

Here I thought 10 years ago when I found this “new thing” other hairdressers would be so

happy! That is not exactly what happened. Hairdressers for the most part were not interested

at all. I encourage you to get your hairdresser to switch and at least add the organic or natural

hair color to their menu. The planet and your body will thank you for considering the change.

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