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Updated: Mar 8

Curly Hair is Easy and Beautiful


I learned so much this year about curly hair and new products on the market, and I want to share this valuable information with you. I spent the year taking amazing classes – one called the “World of Texture.” I respect so much what I learned from beauty and hair experts and top brands specializing in curly hair. This is an update to my February 2022 blog article, and I hope my new learnings and tips I share here are helpful to you!


I have over 30 years’ experience as a curl specialist. I am not a Deva Curl specialist though. I use my own tricks I have learned along the way. The first important thing to understand is curly hair is different every day. Sometimes my curls are wound tight likeringlets. Other days my hair has big loppy curls. It depends on the weather and what I am doing. I do a custom cut for each client recognizing everyone has a different approach to style and lifestyle. I measure my client’s hair shrinkage while it is dry. Then I shampoo and treat it and cut it wet.


Curly Hair Styling Tips

If your hair has very tight curls do not scrunch the hair after washing it. Pet it. It sounds weird but it is true. Take both of your hands and pet the hair down. Then while your hairis soaking wet apply your products to every strand of your hair. Each strand of your hairmust be covered. You can either section off your crown by pulling your hair up and usinga clip and starting with the hair at your lower hair line. After you are done with this hair,pull the clip out and finish the top. Or you can also apply product with a brush. I recommend using a Denman brush to make sure the product entirely covers your hair before you set your curls.


Never brush your hair once it is dry. This is the golden rule for curly hair. You may hang your hair upside down and place your open hands on the roots and gently shake your hair to make your curls fuller. Be extremely careful not to rake through your curls on the way out and leave your fingers open until they are completely out of your hair.


Also. for more volume on top, you may add clips at your roots while your hair is drying. I use clips called metal prong clips. I added a link to Sally Beauty below to purchase them.


Also, sleeping on a satin pillowcase is helpful, and I sell them on my Innersense affiliate site. The link is also below to purchase the pillowcase and other Innersense products I sell. I get paid a commission on purchases I refer to Innersence, so please use my link.


There are many things about curly hair that are important to know.

• Use PH balanced hair care products otherwise your hair will frizz, and we all know that frizz is us curly girls’ archenemy!

• Use a shower head filter to help eliminate all the minerals in your shower water. I live in California and our reservoirs were so low that the minerals were bad. It is better now after last year’s rain. We also have so many additives in our water like fluoride and others. It makes a big difference on curly hair.

• Have your hair trimmed every three to four months, otherwise curly hair can get matted. It tangles more, and the ends split causing frizz.

• If you use a lot of products or have oily hair, do a detox hair mask every two weeks.

• Do a deep hair mask weekly and your hair will thank you with awesome bouncy curls.

• Use a microfiber towel to scrunch the curls from the ends to the roots after washing. Unless you have tight curls pet it downward.

• Sleep with your hair in a bonnet or a large loose ponytail holder at the roots with your ends out so that your curls are good the next day. You can also sleep on a satin pillowcase.

• Don’t wash your hair too often, but also don’t wash it too little. I am not a fan of that whole “No ‘Poo” fad. The hair follicles are alive and need to be cleansed and fed to survive and not suffocate in their natural oils. Washing your hair once or twice a week is good. It's ok to sometimes just rinse your hair or just wet it to revive your curls.

• Most of all, rock those curls! Curls are in, in a huge way!

Favorite Curly Hair Products

Here are my favorite products for curly hair, which you can purchase in my San Jose Salon or my online store. The thing I love about Innersense products is they are planet friendly. They use post-consumer plastic and organic ingredients, and the products areaffordable. The 10-ounce gel is $26 whereas another clean line I sell is $34 for 4 ounces. The products are extremely concentrated, so you save money and the planet too. Shopping less means shipping less.


The Innersense products are truly amazing. Please reach out via email if you have any questions on which products are good for your hair. Also, you can book a Curly Hair Cuton my website. Click Book Now! The link is below as well.

INNERSENSE Hydrating Cream Hairbath Shampoo and Hydrating Cream Conditioner

INNERSENSE I Create Volume lotion for body and fulness. This is like a light gel that helps calm the frizz and can be used on all hair types. Apply this to soaking wet hair then scrunch it. This is my number one seller. It does not create volume. It stops frizz and defines the curls. Use for ringlet curls.

INNERSENSE Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner Spray. I love this for detangling curly hair. I use it for cutting hair too.

INNERSENSE I Create Lift Volumizing Foam. This is very moisturizing and helps create a great texture. If you love mousse, you will love this one more.

INNERSENSE I Create Definition foam. This is a curl definer that creates amazing results.

INNERSENSE I Create Hold styling gel that is a traditional gel with a strong hold. Put it in your hair when it is soaking wet.

INNERSENSE Quite Calm Control cream. The best leave in cream. Put a small amount and rub it between both of your hands to awaken the product for best results. It is highly concentrated and not recommended for fine hair. Use very small amounts.


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