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Who we are

Sheila Gall, the founder and owner of Social Butterfly Beauty, grew up in Silicon Valley, not far from the salon’s location. Her training began with precision hair cutting through Vidal Sassoon. She attends professional development sessions throughout the country, and has participated in four train-the-trainers workshops.

Sheila is a former color educator for Pure Beauty and Organic Color Systems. Her hair, makeup, and fashion styling have been featured on both the Best of L.A. and the Best of the Bay television shows, and you may have seen her work on a local news anchor! Sheila is the recipient of the 2014 Best of the Knot wedding hairstyling award. She describes the décor of her salon as “simple elegance” and says that she likes to surround herself with “socially conscience people.”


Mission Statement

At Social Butterfly Beauty, our mission is to make you as happy and gorgeous as you can be, but without exposing you to toxic chemicals. We are extremely dedicated to our clientele, and we are happy only when they are satisfied with the results. 

Non-toxic products

As an all-organic salon, we pride ourselves on being up-to-date on the latest non-toxic hair care products, including hair colors. All of our products get an outstanding rating from the Environmental Working Group (see, a leading non-profit organization that examines each product it rates with the top scientific methods.

These products are more expensive than the everyday products one sees in most salons, but we believe that preserving our clients’ health is of the highest importance.


Each client’s lifestyle is evaluated and her input is solicited before a single cut is made. Only then can we create a style and color that will support her life circumstances and celebrate her individual personality. 

Hair Color

Our non-toxic hair color works just as well as ammoniated colors, and it lasts as long. Plus, to maintain the hair’s softness and strength, we routinely perform a deep treatment (intense conditioner) after each color service.

Curly hair

We specialize in cutting curly hair. We know from personal experience that it can be hard to find a stylist who knows what to do with curly hair! In order to see the curls in their natural state, we always cut curly hair wet.

Our clientele

Our clients are often Silicon Valley women who have busy professional and personal lives. To meet their needs, we offer one-stop shopping for organic beauty services and organic beauty products.


Please note that we accept clients only who are at least sixteen years of age.

Cancellation policy

We respect our clients’ time, and we expect similar respect from our clients. If a client is more than 20 minutes late for a haircut and she cannot be accommodated that day, there will be an additional $50 fee assessed. If a client cancels a hair-color appointment less than 48 hours prior to its start time, there will be an additional $100 fee. Please let us know if you have any questions about our policy when you book an appointment. Thank you for understanding.

Please note: Social Butterfly Beauty usually cannot accommodate requests for same-day appointments.

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