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What are Transformation services

Updated: Dec 2, 2023


Since the pandemic, I have noticed people would like to get deeper services, so I created a menu of new, Complete Transformation services. These are deep hands-on services that help clients catch up with self-care post Covid lockdowns.


During Covid lockdowns, many of our personal needs were neglected due to salon closures. Then when salons reopened, like my salon, stylists were flooded with clients who had 6 months of needs. Even still we were not doing blow dries and services like makeup. I created 4 Complete Transformation Treatments with this in mind. They are an investment in your health and beauty!


New Complete Transformation Treatments:

1. Complete Transformation Haircut, Scalp Scrub, Detox, Deep Treatment and All New Haircut and Style. A complete transformation haircut, starting with an Innersense detox mask to detoxify your hair of styling products, etc. Followed by a deep cleansing shampoo, moisture mask and a brand-newhaircut and style. Pamper yourself and your hair. $250 for 2 1/2 hours includes scalp massage

2. Complete Transformational Hair Color. Transformational hair color services. Are you done coloring your hair and want to transition into your natural gray? Or just get your color lighter so it is closer to your grey hair? The service is done per session and has custom prices. We do highlights then low lights at the next appointment usually. This treatment can take up to four sessions. Please email or text me for a consultation. Starting at $350 for 3 1/2 hours

3. Complete Transformational Makeup Lesson and Clean Beauty Swap. Transformational makeup appointment. Detoxify your makeup routine. We do a makeup audit and then you shop my clean line. Includes a complete makeover and lesson to help you transform your beauty routine into one that is nontoxic! $150 plus the purchase of any products. Freet Gift with purchase for $100 and 1 1/2 hours

4. Complete Transformation Treatments and Style. Get the Innersense organic, detox hair mask or the oil, cleanse mask. Then the scalp scrub treatment with massage. Finally, a deep treatment depending on your hair needs and style. You may add this to any haircut and style for only $100. Detox your hair and then enjoy these very luxurious treatments and ascalp massage. All organic products have no toxins, phalates, parabens, propylene glycol, etc.


The Complete Transformation Treatments are designed to help you give back to yourself with care and beauty. Make up for zero “me time” and detox, revitalize and transform yourself!


The response to these treatments has been extremely positive. My clients who have had them are raving about how great they are!


Also, if you suffer from any type of scalp condition, I recommend a Transformation Treatment as a standalone. I have had great success invigorating clients’ scalp health. I have tried all the treatments on myself and coworkers with success. The Innersense Enlighten Scalp Scrub is amazing. Although, I do not recommend it if you have a sensitive scalp. If you do, I will use the Intelligent Nutrient BI Phase scalp treatment. This is a nutrient oil treatment that calms flare ups.


Finally, I wish to underscore it is very important to switch to clean beauty as soon as possible. Toxins in beauty products are very real and can cause a litany of health problems, including a hormonal disruption which can prevent you from getting pregnant or cause cancers. You can rest assured that every item in my salon and online store is clean.


Are you ready to transform yourself? Get started by selecting a Complete Transformation Treatment on my website at


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