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Curly hair stylist since the 1980s

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

I have been specializing in curly hair since the 1980s. My younger brother has curly hair like me and his best friend was African American. I cut both of their hair for years. Of course I still cut my brother's hair when he is home but he now resides in Rome, Italy.

There are many things about curly hair that are important to know.

  1. Use PH balanced hair care products otherwise your hair will frizz and we all know that Frizz is us curly girls' archenemy!

  2. Use a shower head filter to help eliminate all the minerals in your shower water. I live in California and our reservoirs are so low which increases the level of minerals in the water. Filtering these minerals is very helpful. I will add the link for my favorite filter. It’s easy to install and you can order replacement filters on Amazon. I use my 20% discount coupon and purchase it at Bed Bath and Beyond.

  3. Have your hair trimmed every three to four months, otherwise curly hair can get matted, it tangles more, and the ends split causing frizz.

  4. Do a deep hair mask weekly and your hair will thank you with awesome bouncy curls.

  5. Use a microfiber towel to scrunch the curls, from ends to the roots after washing.

  6. Sleep with your hair in a bonnet or a large loose ponytail holder at the roots with your ends out so that your curls are good the next day.

  7. Don’t wash your hair too often, but also don’t wash it too little. I am not a fan of that whole “No Poo” fad. The hair follicles are alive and need to be cleansed and fed to survive and not suffocate in their natural oils. Washing once or twice a week is good. It's ok to sometimes just rinse your hair or just wet it to revive your curls.

  8. Most of all, rock those Curls! Curls are in, in a huge way!

Here are my favorite products for curly hair, which you can purchase in my San Jose Salon or my online store:

  • Evolvh SmartCurl (wash and hydrate conditioner).

  • Evolvh SuperCurl (creme defining creme).

  • Evolvh SmartCurl (leave-in spray).

  • Evolvh Ultimate (styling lotion for ringlets).

  • Evolvh Dream Gel (awesome hold, also for ringlets).

  • Evolvh total control creme (strong hold creme).

  • Organic Colour Systems Aqua boost leave in conditioner (medium weight perfect for fly always and frizz!)

Please reach out to me with any questions on Curly hair or Non-Toxic Beauty supplies and Rock Those Curls!

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